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Author: Shabnam Kausher, Advocate (B.A.LL.B., LL. M.)

No matter how old you are, you always have something to learn. And no matter how old you are,

you always have something to teach”- Mikaila Ulmer

Entrepreneurship is a major undertaking, for businesspeople. It entails a slew of considerations that must be carefully considered, and it necessitates comprehension of all variables involved. The cringe-inducing images of children in corporate boards are not the joyful and enjoyable state that is made when the emphasis is on being "entrepreneurial" or the formation of a firm (Erin DeGroff, 2021). The practical example of the 11-year-old's lemonade stand- the narrative of Mikaila Ulmer, Founder of BeeSweet Lemonade- has transformed this attitude. She has been a standing example to all those famous business persons who have struggled hard for their dream business. Entrepreneurs typically possess large thoughts and perhaps even greater goals and they almost always come up with innovative solutions to accomplish goals. Likewise, Mikaila's company concept included a critical view of a circumstance she encountered as a youngster.

Mikaila is a successful entrepreneur, honeybee ambassador, instructor, philanthropist, as well as the student who wears almost all of these titles just at age of 11 (VALERIE EDWARDS, 2016)! The 11-year girl Mikaila Ulmer forms Texas, has developed a lemonade business, and hopes to help bee colonies in the meantime! Mikaila was four years old when she was bitten by a bee two times in a week! This caused her to feel terrified anytime bees were nearby (JULIA ZORTHIAN, 2016). Her parents urged Mikaila to conduct several readings about bees to distract her from her anxiety. Mikaila conducted some studies on honeybees to assist her to manage such a new dread. She discovered that honeybees are vital pollinators of flowers. She also discovered that they have been disappearing at an alarming pace. Her study further leads her to the discovery that honey bee producers have claimed losing approximately 42 percent of the honey population in the last year! Many feel that it is indeed related to the abuse of insecticides, which may have a variety of negative consequences on bees.

D'Andra Ulmer, her mother, transformed the terrifying incident into an insect study project. Surprisingly, she became captivated by bees while she was doing it. Mikaila's research revealed exactly how vital bees are to ecology. She determined that bumblebees pollinated more than 1 out of every 3 snacks people eat, and the food supply without them would collapse. On the furthest edge, bumblebees similarly offered more than $15 billion to the US cultivating economy in one year (Me & the Bees Lemonade 2021)

She furthermore saw that bumblebees were passing on an immediate aftereffect of an ailment called CCD [Colony Collapse Disorder], furthermore may become an end in the years to come. Scientists had two most likely purposes behind their assumption behind it: one – as a result of the bugs or disturbances in the hives that were spreading contaminations and the second – was a direct result of the showering of pesticides to the yields by farmers. Last year alone, beekeepers lost 40% of all of their hives (Jon Miltimore, 2020).

And that is when she decided to develop a solution to aid in the conservation of bees (CONNIE LIN, 2016). She discussed a new business idea to her parents to sell lemonade. This was the time when she founded her firm, BeeSweet Lemonade. Therefore, with the help of this business idea, she uses every chance to inform her consumers about the problems that honey bees are experiencing.

Mikaila's great granny's cookbook had the formula for her unique lemonade. Her mother had acquired from her Great Granny Helen a 1940's cookbook from in South Carolina, which featured Flaxseed Lemonade a great recipe (Karan, 2016). She chose to use honey rather than sugar to draw awareness to the challenges that honey bees confront. Mikaila's lemonade shop sells lemonade virtually every day!

The company has been producing award-winning lemonade, as well as natural and sustainable lemonade (which began as only one lemonade booth), but has also ended up raising $60,000 in start-up financial support by one of the country's biggest clothing magnates (Daymond John) on 'Shark Tank,'. Shark Tank is a television show hosted by several extremely successful entrepreneurs, notably Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Ashton Kutcher, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, as well as others, all make investments according to their respective expense. Shark Tank is indeed a tough challenge (Diana Drake, 2019)! They don't care about the aged or youngsters. But, thankfully, just one girl wowed the predators with her delectable lemonade, when fashion mogul Daymond John financed $60,000 in BeeSweet for a 25% stake. Shortly afterward, an investment of $800,000 was made by a group of former and present Football players of America. Mikaila received various accolades for aspiring entrepreneurs and Black company owners.

Mikaila is indeed a very effective goodwill ambassador, according to Geoffrey Soares, owner of Summit Beverage Group, the company began bottling for Me & The Bees Lemonade.

After Mikaila’s business was spreading all over the digital platform, she within no time was declared as the youngest entrepreneur. With this success, she also distributes more than 10% of her company's revenues to groups that assist rescue bees, such as Heifer Worldwide, the Sustainable Farming Centre of Austin, and indeed the Texas Beekeepers Organization (SUSANNA KIM, 2016).

Mikaila has certainly learned a lot and understands a lot further about the company, unlike many adults. Mikaila has also been invited as guests to various schools and vents for lecturing children on the significance of bees as well as how to rescue them, along with actively facilitating seminars on bees and business. One of her tips for these other youngsters, or anybody who wants to set up their own company, is to GO Huge!

Mikaila has had an eventful ride throughout the extended spans of 2015 and 2016. A slew of accomplishments is being met! She also has been welcomed in 2015 to the White House twice: first for lunches with President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, (two times), getting featured in Oprah's publication, displaying 20 free bee colony production companies to over 1,000 young actors, obtaining sharp A's, expanding the movement across UNFI – United Natural Foods (a significant public seller of regular sources of food as well as snacks and drinks), and perhaps most recently, evolving the image of the company from BeeSweet Lemonade to Me and the Bees Lemonade (Christine Haveford, 2021) and for Easter Egg Roll then again, wherein she offered a drink of fresh honey-sweet lemonade to the President, (Gina Darnaud, 2016).

In the Austin Lemonade Day and Acton Children's Business Expo Mikaila previously also joined, both of which required her to create a product from being pushed by her family. In the scope of just a few years, Mikaila has sorted out some way to raise the ladders to become one of the country's by and large sought-after young business pioneers. She has moreover been picked as one of tech collusion MVMT50's best 10 pioneers of 2016 at the South by Southwest festival.

Today, her honor winning Me and the Bees Lemonade is murmuring off the racks of Whole Foods Market, and is moreover available at a creating number of diners, food trailers, and customary food transport associations, as well (Tatum, 2019). Regardless, for Mikaila, most of this, particularly her endeavor, is more of an environmental and societal purpose beside

just commerce. She's undertaking everything for the sake of the bee colonies! (Neugebauer, 2021).

In the present day, her honor winning Me and the Bees Lemonade is murmuring off the racks of Whole Foods Market and is moreover open at a creating number of bistros, food trailers, and standard food movement associations, additionally (Griffin Jr, 2019). In any case, for Mikaila, all of this, including her endeavor is a more noteworthy measure of an environmental and social mission, than just business. She's doing it for the bumblebees!

Relatively few children transform their lemonade remains into effective endeavors, yet 11- year-old Mikaila Ulmer has increased present expectations by getting a four-state contract with Whole Foods (Paul, 2018). Mikaila isn't only a growing finance manager, yet in addition a functioning tree hugger. Her endeavor upholds a significant reason: saving the bumblebees and beekeepers that produce a vital fixing in her lemonade. "Honey bees are biting the dust," she told NBC News — then, at that point, endearingly repeating Albert Einstein — "Assuming the honey bee vanished off the outer layer of the globe then, at that point, man would just have four years of life left."

Following the breakthrough success of the lemonade stand, Me & the Bees Lemonade introduced a new collection of beeswax-infused balms for lips independently, in 2017. Ulmer's personal non-profit, The Healthy Hive Foundation, was established to perform honey bee exploration, teaching, and conservation efforts. The account of this 11-year-old entrepreneur isn't only a model for raising finance managers; it's a standing model for every one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who are battling looking for a proper business foundation (Kai Ryssdal, 2020). This was an account of sweet achievement, where "Entrepreneurs hold the American dream, and the greatest visionaries are kids," Mikaila said, to acclaim and good health.

And she's not even going to stop here. Ulmer utilizes her free time amongst classes administering her business, traveling for speaking events, and brainstorming ideas for new products. She also agreed to co-author a guidebook for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her goals aren't constrained; because although she began with lemonade, she is continually looking to grow into new items. As she stated in an interview, her aim has constantly been to be the Hello Kitty of lemonade, spreading her business and purpose across a variety of goods.

The motivation that the general public would get from her story recommends focusing on bringing up children, as business people. This also implies setting someone up for the long haul thriving rather than zeroing in on speedy successes or shallow exploitative (Radinsky, 2021). It will mean that when kids are prepared to begin an endeavor, it will be advisable to society and parents that they encourage and support their children.

Children who acquire the capacity for critical thought at early childhood may be less inclined to conform to the neoliberal consensus or be easily swayed by the ideas of others. Critically thinking children generate valid opinions all their own and grow to appreciate their capacity to effectively reach a solution and obstacles (Chris Olsen, 2021). Entrepreneurship fosters the growth mentality, which is a conviction in someone else's potential to achieve through creating and learning from errors. As a consequence, their talents are flexible via self-effort rather than fixed. Failure is viewed as a crucial part of teaching and learning by an entrepreneur. When children perceive failure as a chance for progress rather than a lifelong setback, there is no limitation to how much they might achieve. When confronted with challenges or hardship, children that are growth-minded are less inclined to quit up. In an unpredictable environment, the capacity (and desire) to confront obstacles straight on and explore a route ahead will be a successful strategy.

Supporting kids not only increase children's motivation and spirit rather will also help them to get all that they need to get rolling (, 2021). They will start taking the standards in a fun and safe manner, and they will learn to manage age-fitting issues. There are a few abilities in life that can't be educated in a conventional homeroom setting, which is the place where kids get comfortable and dependent! Parents should support their young business persons with the devices and information they need to extend their innovative reasoning, further develop their relational abilities, and feel the certainty they need to succeed (Radinsky, 2021). This will help in the process to know the significance of aiding the children to track down their energy, encouraging a solid hard-working attitude, and laying out objectives at an early age.


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