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Updated: Nov 9, 2020


Rethiga Ramesh & Jyotsna Bharadwaj II year of B.A.,LL.B. from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai


“Women should do for themselves what men have already done—occasionally what men have not done—thereby establishing themselves as persons, and perhaps encouraging other women toward greater independence of thought and action.” Amelia Earhart, first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

In the ancient period, women were known to participate in numerous profitable exercises however over the time reproduction and challenges of pregnancy and childbirth gradually made her dependent on men.

When humanity arrived at a more settled presence patriarchy was fully established. The men were to compose the codes of the general public and administration where women were given subordinate jobs. The men extended the prevailing perspective as generally accepted fact.

Gender equality is a human right; in any case, our reality faces a persevering hole in admittance to circumstances and dynamic force for women and men. All around the world, women have a less open door for financial investment than men, less admittance to essential and advanced education, more noteworthy wellbeing and dangers, and less political portrayal.

Women's empowerment is a fundamental piece of achieving sexual direction consistency. It incorporates expanding a woman's sense of self-worth, her capacity and power over her own life inside and outside the home, and her capacity to impact change.[i]

Women in the army

A permanent commission in the army intends to serve until one retires. The Constitution of India doesn’t mention any inequality based on sex. This issue dealt with the women who were not given a choice to opt for permanent commission, to continue the service in the army after 10 years of joining. The enrollment of women staff in the armed forces started in 1992 through the Women Special Entry Scheme (WSES).

However, women were kept out of any command appointment and couldn’t qualify for a government pension, which one can avail only after 20 years of service as an officer.

A PIL was filed in the year 2003 in Delhi HC for the same. There were many decisions from the court while the case was finally decided in the Supreme Court in the year 2020; which included giving permanent commission to women in Judge Advocate General and Army Education Corps.

Despite the lack of officials in support services, trained women were not granted permanent commission with a feeble argument that women are physically weak. All the arguments against granting them permanent commission were nothing more than a sex stereotype and a challenge to Article 14 of the Constitution which talks about right to equality.[ii]

Women in politics

It is broadly accepted that men have a superior shot at the initiative in business and governmental issues, even as majorities say that men and women make equally good leaders.

For example, if we think men and women make equally good political and business leaders but say men have an advantage when it comes to getting top positions, what do they think is holding women back is the real question that arises here.

On pretty much every factor tried, women and men offer various perspectives about critical obstructions to female authority in business. The hole is especially wide on issues identified with unreasonable desires and faltering to enlist ladies. a major reason more women are not in the top leadership positions in business is that women are held to higher standards and have to do more to prove themselves to society.

Perceiving this reality, numerous administrations are finding a way to empower the support of women in strategy making, eminently by building up quantities for women in parliaments or nearby governments. Shares for ladies in congregations or on gatherings' applicant records are in power in the enactment of more than 81 nations.[iii]

Women in politics help advance gender equality at large. The rate of women’s representation in national parliaments has globally increased in the last two decades.

Mahua Moitra, an Indian politician and a member of the parliament. Recently, she slammed the central government over the unaccountability of the PM-CARES fund in the Loksabha. And this shows the mental strength of a woman. However, with changing times more women politicians are making a way in law-making institutions. In 2019, the Lok Sabha Elections constituencies embraced young women from various backgrounds. There are 78 elected women MPs in the current Lok Sabha. With only 14%, the 17th Lok Sabha has the highest number of women MPs since Independence. This shows how crucial it is for us to ensure gender equality and diversity within the law-making institutions of this country to ensure inclusive democratic institutions.[iv]

Yes, men are stronger, but that doesn’t mean women are weak

Shanti Tigga, 35-year-old women who have two kids. During her army training, she ran 50 m in just 12 seconds. And there are many living examples who proved women are not physically weak.

Mary Kom won the world boxing championship 5 times. Also, she is a member of Rajyasabha as well as an active supporter of wildlife protection.

There have been women like Sarojini Naidu and Rani LaxmiBai who fought no less than men of their times. There have been women who proved that females too can be physically and mentally strong. There have been women who made the country proud by landing in space and set a bar of honour for themselves. Still, if such problems of being inferior to men are faced by the women in our country even after 72 long years of independence, then it leads to a major setback not only to the constitutional law but also to the development of the mindset of people in the society.

In one or the other way, gender stereotypes kill a woman’s self-confidence. So, it is necessary to eradicate gender stereotypes.

Women empowerment

She runs wild, chasing nothing any more but only herself

Empowerment is the process of increasing the authority and responsibility of the individual, group or community to make choices of their own. Women empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational strength of the individual. Women empowerment has to begin with the active participation of women. Except if they are engaged to take a definitive part in the social, political and financial existence of the nation the very improvement of the nation will be lop-sided.


Feminism is pretty much all sexual orientations having equivalent rights and openings. Feminism is quite often seen as women ‘over-reacting’ and women being ‘dramatic over issues that aren’t important, but feminism is all about equality. Both men and women need to be feminists.

Boys Locker Room was an Instagram outrage, supposedly including a talk room of adolescent young men from Delhi. It began on May 3, 2020, when a party spilt talks from the gathering, including vulgar pictures of around 15 girls. The debate erupted after a few web-based media clients driven by Instagram client Niska Nagpal posted screen captures of the split visits and transformed photographs of little youngsters on Instagram and Twitter. On Sunday, May 6, 2020, the hashtag #boyslockerroom was retweeted more than 30,000 times. The Delhi Commission for Women boss Swati Maliwal and the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights paid heed to the issue and gave different notification to Instagram just as Delhi Police for additional data on the embarrassment.

Individuals from the gathering, supposed to be Class 11 and 12 understudies from a portion of Delhi's top schools, posted photographs of adolescent young ladies without their assent alongside hostile remarks. Various discussions purportedly indicated individuals discussing explicitly attacking their schoolmates and one explicit case where a part, "Sidharth" proposed assaulting a specific underage young lady. It was later uncovered that this "Sidharth" was the young lady herself. This started to rage about the presence of assault culture and standardization of assault, sexism and typification in schools. As indicated by online media accounts that posted the screen captures, individuals from "Bois Locker Room" took steps to release naked photos of the ones who announced them. On May 4, 2020, another gathering was made by the name of 'Bois Locker Room 2.0', anyway, it was instantly erased. Nagpal had before additionally split visits from another Instagram gathering, called 'Jai ka shirt skirt gang', whose individuals were found to have discussed 'assaulting young ladies'.

Gendered parenting should not be restricted to the girls; it should be extended even to the boys as well. Boys have to be taught to respect women’s bodies. When girls are told they should dress in a specific way so they don’t distract/tempt/make the imaginations of men go crazy, it’s making an impression to the boys that they have no control over themselves when it involves females. The responsibility must shift to the boys, teaching them that regardless of how a woman dresses, her body deserves complete and total respect. Boys must be made to understand that girls’ and women’s bodies aren't for male entertainment and pleasure. Toxic masculinity hurts both females and males, and it’s time we should battle against it.

While individuals continue sharing their encounters and opening up via web-based media, which is extraordinary, there is likewise an example of a web-based disgracing, savaging, and out and out boycotting, essentially what is 'Drop Culture' in the west. a 17-year-old kid from Gurgaon ended it all, and keeping in mind that they didn't leave a note, the explanation is believed to be the 'MeToo' post that blamed him for rape that occurred two years prior.

The kid was supposedly badgered by the young lady's companions after she shared the post via web-based media, and he was caused to feel that his side wouldn't be heard. This prompted him having a fit of anxiety, which took him indiscreetly leap off the overhang to take his own life. After the episode, web-based media sites have been humming with questions - was it an option to irritate the kid? Imagine a scenario where he was guiltless. Furthermore, that we'll never hear his rendition of events. While the vast majority have taken the advantageous course of censuring the young lady for sharing her experience, the issue is genuinely more profound than that. We can't censure a casualty for sharing her experience, however, we need to see how to manage such a circumstance in a developed way. Until his side of functions was heard, nobody reserved the privilege to bother him and compromise him via telephone, freely or via online media. It was this tremendous weight that was put on a little fellow of being disgraced, that he concluded it was ideal to make this exceptional stride.

It’s a well-known fact that such occurrences are disgraced, yet on the off chance that we, as a general public, build up a culture in which it is viewed as alright for young men to look for help and discussion about their emotional well-being, such episodes can be evaded.[v]

The frequently heard phrase, boys are going to be boys, has got to be dropped. This phrase overlooks and condones the worst quiet behaviour from the boys. In other words, it means it's within the male nature to be violent, promiscuous, sexist, etc., so it’s not worth doing anything about it. This stereotype has to be rejected and the boys must be taught to reject it too.


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