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Updated: Nov 10, 2020


B. Sugadev, III year of B.Tech (Information Technology)

Legal technology, the word describes the use of software and technology to aid and give legal services. The development allows more reputable concern plan to develop all efficiency to adhere to a step by step popular and active working atmosphere. Legal technology is nothing but the software to provide legal services and support legal firms.


The purpose of this technological improvement had developed the legal offices and the productivity of clerical worker’s technology has used to monitor the skill of organization and to enable the management of the company and to compare the performance of the companies of all departments. This data helps to improve the concern and to plan for future activities. In this, the use of information technology has shown its implications for the organization by which legal decision making and legal are mediated. Let’s see it’s few importance in the upcoming points, these are some basic steps which, tells the importance and uses of technology in legal activities.

1. Chance of reduction errors

Nowadays all documents are online and led by artificial intelligence, so using this chance of errors is less. But previously errors made by human have been easily overlooked there are some impossibilities in detecting the error that crept up. However now the use of artificial intelligence used to track system, files and documents can be tracked and analyzed in many ways and finally no errors in the document, this also helps in time management in submitting and works in clients wish, with law firms

2. Fast processing of legal information

Undoubtedly, technology is used in a good manner, is fast and user efficient more than individual humans. The technology proves that great assistance to all law concern.

This simplifies the caseload control and simplifies the management, this helps in managing cases of high turnover before it was difficult to work for time management and clerical works

3. Development in global outlook

In this grown law firm and expanded reach of their geographical services the mechanism of controlling and controlling their operations are done using computer-based systems, these type of organizations have invested more for the development of their information and communication process and they adapt to the new technology, in global outlook legal technology supports legal practices, and also plays a vital role in the legal market by positioning the firm.

4. Transparency in legal tech

In this accelerating rate are changing at client demands in this world, to maintain this client-centric approach and changing demands new technology is the key to overcome this. Using this new technology the client can see the status of their case and how much fees they have to pay and they can know the day to day progress of their case, they also give information of the client in a concise and precise manner, using this practice management software clients can knowing the performance of their lawyers in their respective case’s, practice management software also helps to know the profit and loss of the case.

5. Efficiently using the resources

Financial constraints are more imposed on legal organizations, agencies, firms etc..,

This has some restrictions in their full use of resources. In large scale the development of legal technology, the legal sector delivers benefits on a large scale spanning. Using this legal technology could be a means to join new propound, maintenance alliances, sharing information, procure clients and efficient use of resources at their dispatch, it reduces the problems in print scarcity associated with.

In this using legal tech, there are more opportunities to lessen the workload of legal advisers and makes easy to the lawyers to carry the details, to save the data of the clients, to remember the legal points to proceed further in their cases, also it’s very safe and secure when compared with manual details in file.

Benefits of using technology in legal activities in the legal industry:

· Automated processes

· Resource Management

· Research of ease

· Resource management in a better way

· The decline in risk errors

· Enhanced customer experience

· High convenience

· Introduction of new legal services and legal products

· High transparency


Finally, the fact that legal working in their size and even involvement in paperwork, it’s very important to provide such services to the client as effectively, less expenditure and professional as much as possible, thus the development of

Legal technology in present becomes a significant one. The legal technology adoption in law firms and legal can efficiently develop them, it gives high transparency, reduces errors in document’s, flexibility in legal services lets the legal firm be a global one with legal technology.


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