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Author: Samiksha vivek Jaitly, I year of B.B.A.,LL.B from Navrachna University, Vadodara - Gujarat.

Introduction Human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, harboring, or receipt of people for the purpose of exploitation. It is estimated to few a $5 to $9 billion a year industry.

Trafficking of children refers to the practice of the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of children for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation includes forcing children into prostitution or other form, of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slaver` or practices similar to slavery, servitude, or the removal of organs. For children exploitation may include also international adoption, trafficking for early marriage, recruitment as child soldiers, for begging or as athletes (such as child camel jockeys or football players), for recruitment for cults. Trafficked people often suffer from a multitude of physical and psychological health problems.

Women are specifically vulnerable to reproductive and other gender-specific health problems in trafficking situations as they have little or no access to reproductive health care. These problems include lack of access to birth control, constant rapes, forced abortions and contraceptive use, lack of regular mammograms and other health issues. Human trafficking is a major issue in every Country. Especially in Poor countries also a practice of transporting people from one place to another for a major purpose like forced labour and sexual activities etc.

We all know that we are fighting battle against human trafficking, Sexual exploitation of children in any country is worse than any kind of offences.

India: from Darjeeling to Delhi- story of a young girl who was trafficked.

Tina’s father went to complain about her lost daughter and he reported that her daughter was 14 year old, and gone missing. Something really went wrong that this was a case of human trafficking that required urgent attention also his family filed a complaint at the local police station and NGO-MARG also started investigating this case. Then some police went to her school for investigating and asked 25 girls about what happened Tina and they got to know that she lost her father and mother, In Tina’s home her father was used to get drunk and also used beat her mother frequently. She spends 4 to 6 hrs. talking to a boy named Ranjan, her friends from school also gave information about four boys she used to talk to. Police went and research the boys and also, they got the photograph of all the boys and then they went to all the taxi stands in the vicinity and also one driver recognized Tina photo and he had driven her from Darjeeling to Siliguri and he said that she was constantly on a call with a boy Ranjan who lives in Delhi. And some information was so helpful and this case haunted the police then they kept in touch with Tina’s grandmother. Her grandmother said that she received a call from Chandigarh, she was Tina on call. Then the police traced the number and Tina had actually called from Delhi not Chandigarh and CBI conducted a raid and she was rescued.

MARG - Mankind in Action for Rural Growth is a non-governmental organization based in Darjeeling also in west Bengal, many young girls are trafficked to Delhi only. Tina too was trafficked to Delhi in the scam of a big work with a huge salary in dance, fortunately she was interested in dance and she went on call and followed all the rules and regulation that are said by the boy named Ranjan, and the police found the girl in Delhi in a bad condition they informed her family that police man found their daughter, the government took a big action against the boys and girl was rescued finally and sent to home. The ministry of home affairs, government of India taken a number of measures to prevent human trafficking in the country. And Tina was safe and secure with a reasonable fees in school. She was later interested in Maths and science. A good life later on she was living and her family got some good amount of money so that their family can make her literate for at least 18 years. Some cases are luckily get solved and some are not unfortunately.

The protection of children against human trafficking as below

In the report of 2016, it is mentioned that 20,000 of children and women were trafficked.

Also, it’s done for sexual exploitation, begging, drugs peddling/smuggling, forced marriage, Organ harvesting, domestic servitude.



FACTORS THAT ARE LEADING TOWARDS HUMAN TRAFFICKING ARE; Poverty, Lack of employment opportunities, Religious/ Traditional Prostitution, Child Marriage, False promises for job/marriage, Migration, Sex tourism, Internet pornography.

We can also prevent this slavery by, focusing on the main Areas sensitization and also awareness in public and with those vulnerable areas which are only the responsible for creating such an environment for Human trafficking.

Some vital roles that are played by the government to prevent this human trafficking as below:


It has declared that a huge amount of education will be provided to children, 1 to 8th

Standard free education in every state also in some premature area.


They are supposed to ensure the children about what’s good and bad also their parents.


Media has a very important role due to major viewership.


Trafficking in human beings and especially in children is a modern-day slavery and modern problem, the use of children in every country is illegal and also it creates mental pressure in every state, also its affecting the literacy rate. In some region their parents really try hard to save their daughter and son too by not getting sold, law must made more strict otherwise we can face lots of problem in coming future, increased participation from social groups should get more and more strict day by day and also every organization get a voice to raise against the human trafficking. It’s more affecting society on individual victims who often suffer physical and emotional abuse daily. Also it’s a crime against humanity. That’s how we should give importance to study and give proper education related to what’s illegal and basic knowledge to kids, and let’s together change the attitude towards this generation and help each and every child and their families who are suffering and make this world better place for future generation.

Now the question arises how many of us can stand up against it. So rise, for India a better and safer world for our women and children.


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