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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Author: Manisha Sikdar, LL.M (Constitutional and Administrative Law) from National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi.


Education is to be addressed as the fundamental need associated with the achievement of ultimate human potential that aims at the development and promotion of the society.  In order to generate sustainable growth in the case of educational development in India the Union Cabinet has introduced the “National Education policy 2020” on 29th July 2020. Introduction of the new NEP, 2020 replaced the erstwhile “National Policy on Education, 1986”. This particular essay is focusing on the investigation in order to recognize the role of NEP in modern day education and its potential contribution to the development of Indian educational system.


Development of an education policy leaves a significant impression associated with the development in relation to the creative potential of individuals. Analyzing an educational policy will need a focused attention towards its core objective or rationale behind its emergence. In the present case, the same is to be taken into consideration for revealing the ultimate functionalities of the NEP 2020. The primary objective of this particular policy is to ensure the benefit of children so that every child receives the opportunity of learning as well as excelling irrespective of the circumstances associated with their background and birth. This introductory policy has reaffirmed that it will eliminate the social gap associated with access as well as participation along with learning outcomes in every educational institution in order to continue the education of every child. Hence, as one of the primary concerns of the given policy, elimination of inequality from the educational environment can be recognized to be a prime objective.

Despite the potential positive outcomes that can be assured from the implementation of this particular policy, there remains certain disadvantages those may put an impact upon the ongoing educational system. It has been recognized that there is an issue in Indian education system regarding the distribution of ratio of the teachers and students. On the other hand, another issue that remains to be a concern in this policy can be identified to be the multilingual nature of India. Therefore, introduction of mother language in schools or any other academic institutions with regard to event subject will build a matter of concern.

Nonetheless, based on the variety of advantages that are presumed to be secured in application of NEP 2020 can help in the case of overlooking the minimal disadvantages that are present in this case.

There is more great concern than securing the educational opportunities for every child from around the country. It is often witnessed that, being an individual of a developing country like India, not everyone can secure the opportunity of education. Henceforth, it becomes the responsibility of the government to ensure the delivery of educational opportunities equally among all. From the observation of the new policy, this opportunity can be availed and hence, the fruitful benefit of the policy can be distributed among all the children irrespective of their place or birth, background, economic situation or gender.


This New Education Policy 2020 will make a new course of tides ensuring a definite structural method for all the stakeholders, i.e. students, which will aid them to construct suitable vocations in their commendable aspects in an upright manner. It will break the traditional and rigid apparatus in the educational aspects and will make a gateway of enormous opportunities to the students to flourish their inner conscience in a diverse ways in the following manner:-

  1. The NEP 2020 bestows the privilege to the students to be an adept in the native and vernacular languages.

  2. The distinctive approach of the NEP 2020 to solidify the future career of the students by providing concentrated spheres of objectivity containing particular subjects at their own liberty will generate masters in each fields where the students whims to construct themselves.

  3. The aforesaid traditional and rigid apparatus get tarnished by this NEP 2020 and it replaced by a new and fresh approach of schooling full of flexibility, which involves moderate ways available for the students to heed towards their own efficacy. This also involves an excellent opportunity to get interned in the respective fields of work in which the students dreams to build up their career in future at the very early stages of their schooling. A new venture has also been taken by introducing vocational training to train the students and to make them dexterous at the initial stages of their schooling.

  4. The central government has taken an incredible venture to provide around 6% of GDP of the country for the educational sector. Perhaps the figure of investment in this sector is going to be a record worldwide.

  5. The newly introduced reforms in the educational sector have taken special care to comply with one of the Directive Principles of the State Policy to get accomplished by profusely fueling scientific temper, as it contains a special connotation for scientific research along with the avenues for research in other aspects.

  6. The inclusivity of these reforms have taken a special care for the people from disadvantaged groups by providing an ample scope for getting loan and to be enriched with knowledge and expertise.


The conservative way of thought process running throughout the minds of the parents to make their children an IAS, IPS, IFS, Doctor, Engineer or Lawyer by sacrificing the whims and will of the children will definitely fade away. The nation is going to get a superlative workforce on each sector on required basis. Each sector is going to get a number of masters requires for regeneration. In one sentence, the highest post of administration along with the work force in the MSME sector will flourish and evolve equivalently. The students enriched in IT knowledge would not have to find other ways to get established. The reforms of educational sectors was a long awaited resolve and the most outstanding feature of it is, its concentration in the long run perspective as it focused not only on the manuscript but it strives to achieve an unexcelled workforce.


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Jul 29, 2023

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