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Bishmita Paul, V year of B.A.,LL.B. from Galgotias University

Domestic violence is an act that is committed towards the opposite gender to gain control and power over the other. It is a violent crime that carries life-altering damage to everyone involved in it. It begins with verbal abuse, hitting for a want of emotion on top of things, or feeling in the power of the victim[i]

“Women at the best risk for being the victim of force embody those with male partners World Health Organization abuse medication are jobless or part-time, afflicted by impoverishment, or have also problems like impoverishment and status emerge as a result of force. COVID-19 is posing larger challenges in terms of human rights including the health rights of women and children. Since the essential internment has been obligatory, violence against ladies is exponentially rising world over.[ii]

There are many scopes to violence, besides because of the gendered division of domestic work, all of that are frozen at intervals the exercise of patricentric power. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the risk of intimate partner violence is likely to increase, as distancing measures are put in place and people are encouraged to stay at home. As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many countries into internment, cases of violence rose at associate awful pace everywhere the planet.[iii]

On half-dozen Apr 2020, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres caught up a “break in fighting” to deal with the “horrendous international surge in violence.” According to social scientist Marianne Hester, “domestic violence goes up whenever families pay longer along, like the Christmas and summer vacations.” Closer home, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi proclaimed the nationwide internment, the number of violence complaints received by the National Commission for ladies (NCW) had doubled. From 30, in the first week of March, the number of complaints rose to 69 between 23 March and 1 April. It is not that women are not being abused in homes earlier, but during the lockdown, the virus is mirroring and magnifying the discrimination, inequalities, oppressions, privileges and patriarchal violence, all of which already exist in the male-conquered hierarchical and coated society. Structural gender-based violence is being reiterated during the lockdown where women who are already considered at the lowest rung within the family hierarchy are now being economically and socially disempowered. Even otherwise, home is a contested site for unequal gender relations where both men and women are placed unequally and men hardly share the household unpaid care work.[iv]

The gendered social norm loads women with the responsibility of care work within homes and women are being judged based on the quality of work. The cultural and social biases act against the interest of women. During the lockdown, women are expected to take up usual gender roles and engage in domestic work with little or no contribution from men.

In addition to the violation of human rights, victims of domestic violence can face several physical and mental health difficulties such as the risk of chronic disease, depression, sexual disorders, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and substance abuse. Disconnection from social support systems is one amongst the explanations for Associate in the Nursing magnified risk of violence throughout these times.

As a result, their square measures fewer choices to seek out safety or make possible for victims. Normally, the victim may take to the forest a violent state of affairs by staying elsewhere, however that possibility isn't on the market right away.

Several NGOs petitioned the courts, some courts have issued directions to the state to protect women and children. For instance, the Delhi High court, on a petition filed by an NGO, directed the government to deliberate on measures to ensure effective accomplishment of Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act, 2005 in the wake of increasing in the number of cases. The state in its reply said that it has put a protocol in place where a survivor once calls the helpline; the tele caller will take the complaint and will forward it to the counsellor who will establish phone communication with the survivor during the lockdown. The court disposed of the petition after the status report is filed by the government

What should victims do when they are attacked?

What victims of domestic violence must remember is, to not blame themselves for what is happening to them. Violence is unacceptable and the perpetrator is 100 percent responsible.

Victims must not make excuses for the actions of the perpetrators, as there are none. Acceptance of such actions may lead to a vicious cycle of abuse.

The option of news domestic abuse to the police is usually out there. However, if the victim doesn't intend their course of action, they will produce security arrangements for themselves, with a secure word to alert individuals they live with when faced with a threatening situation.

-It is sensible to keep a friend, family, neighbour or someone in proximity informed in case of escalating risk.

- It is also helpful to discuss this with trusted family member/s or friends and build perpetrator accountability.

- There are also several helplines for domestic violence and free online counselling websites that victims can use for relief.[v]

With the lockdown, the unpaid and invisible care work of women has increased many-fold leading to a mental and emotional health crisis for women. While the men are discovering the poets and writers in them, the women have been shown the way to the kitchen. Working women are doubly suffering, juggle between paid office work and unpaid household work.

But the panellists determined that for ladies battle force, the house is not a ‘safe’ zone, it's the zone of thrashing, abuse, rape and plenty of alternative physical-non physical violence.

The role of non-governmental organizations in prevailing the force and restraining its worse consequences is crucial.

Sakshi — a violence intrusion agency for ladies and youngsters in Old Delhi works on cases of statutory offence, harassment, kid statutory offence and domestic abuse and focuses on equality education for judges and implementation of the 1997 Supreme Court’s harassment pointers. Women’s Rights Initiative — another union within the same town runs a legal aid cell for cases of domestic abuse and works unitedly with law enforcers within the Police plays a serious role in endeavouring the force cases. They need to be hypersensitized to treat force cases as seriously as the other crime. Special coaching to handle force cases ought to be imparted to police. They should be supplied with info relating to the support network of the judiciary, government agencies/departments. Gender coaching ought to be created necessary within the training of the cops.

There ought to be a separate wing of police managing women’s problems, connected to any or all police stations and will be excluded from the other duty. The system ought to take steps to acknowledge force as a public health issue. A crisis support cell must be established altogether in major Government and personal Hospitals with a trained medical caseworker to offer applicable services. Training programmes should be organized for health professionals to develop their skills to produce basic support for abused folks. Documentation on the prevalence and therefore the health penalty of force ought to be undertaken by the involved government departments, health care establishments, NGOs and guidance centres.

A nodal agency ought to even be created for the annual consolidation of the documented work and publish identical for wider packaging among the plenty for increasing awareness.


Having checked out a sensitive topic of “Domestic Violence in India'', we can sense the importance of dialogue on such a subject. The varied causes which may spark the violence at intervals the four walls of homes got to be analysed fastidiously and a wise study of the factors inflicting the violence may forestall a family to suffer from the menace of force. The force might have a way wider and deeper impact in the real world than what has been coated during this essay. What is needed is to envision closely the association of the factors agitative a selected sort of force. If these factors may be controlled then quiet one sort of violence may be prevented from harming a private or our society and our land would be a far better place to live on [vi]




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