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Updated: Nov 9, 2020


Ramki D, III year of B.A.,LL.B.


Cyberbullying is a type of online bullying and it's also known as cyber harassment. In the technical world, harassment through the internet is increasing day by day. Cyberbullying is also one of the online harassment. Mainly most of the women and girl child below 18 were affected by cyberbullying and even teenagers also affected. In our life without the internet is impossible most of the people's jobs are based only on the internet like online sellers, online traders etc... Here we see about cyberbullying and its effects.

What is cyberbullying

Nowadays most of the people are using digital devices like phones, computers and laptops. At least they have an android phone. Then the harassment occurs by these things through sending or sharing information to someone. The information shared by SMS, text messages through social media and other apps for gaming and our entertainment. Mostly it occurs in sharing personal information and it causes embarrassment behaviour like unlawful.

In most common cyberbullying occurs

● Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp.

● Apps for sending messages on the phone or computer.

● Reddit such as chat rooms and message boards.

● Email.

● Online gaming.

Frequency of cyberbullying

The youth bullying gather the two sources of data,

1. The year 2017, the national crime victimization survey indicates the school crime supplement occurs in the age of 12 to 18 who were reported about the bullying during school years. 15% of people were bullied.

2. In the year 2019, youth risk behaviours surveillance systems estimate that 15.7% of high school students were bullied by the electronic device in the 12 months prior.

Cyberbullying is the difference between traditional bullying

There are some few aspects of cyberbullying and its difference from the traditional bullying and it unique for the parents and teachers,


The online bullies person able to hide their identities and victims is usually known as their bully. Internet anonymity can lead to crueller or harsher abuse.


Bullying can end which the victim can remove the negative situation in society. The digital devices are for communication with each other at all hours and possible with any location. Cyberbullies may be able to watch their victims twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, so victims are difficult to escape from the bullying, even if they go home or change schools or college.


The online content or online information is impossible to delete and it is registered permanently. If the information is deleted or removed from the original site and it can recover easily later. Once any information can be registered online, it never erases. This may occur a negative impact on society of future employment, college admission and so on

Type of cyberbullying

There are different ways of bullying, but the most common methods are fall in six categories,


● Harassment is the common method of bullying. The person uses social media site and internet service providers, in this site users say inappropriate things then they report the site and the victim in trouble or are kicked offline.

● The treat or embarrassing information is through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

● The victims are harassed, threatened or embarrassed in text messages, instant messaging and emails.


● A cyberbully also aimed to get profit in sexual, racist or other inappropriate things.

● Create a duplicate screen name or I'd which is similar to the victim screen name or I'd and they post hurtful remarks or rude things.

● Use victims photos to create an account on the social networking site and posting the offensive things or inappropriate things online.

● Catfishing means, this is a type of activity done by a fake person, to attract an unknown person for creating a fake relationship.

Inappropriate photography

● Posting the inappropriate image like nude pictures or 18+ pictures on a photo-sharing site for view and download.

● Sexting - sending nude photos in a mass email or text messages. If nude photos are uploaded once on the internet and it shares hundreds of people within an hour, there is no way to control it.

● The bullied person has a nude photo of victims and it in his or her bedroom or bathroom without the permission of the victim. It also is blackmail or threatening the victim.

Website creation

● The bully creates a website or blog to hurt another person.

● Posting the victims nude photos and personal information to the created blogs or websites. Which makes the victims in a dangerous situation. It spread rumour, lies or gossip online through a blog.

● The bully controls the victims' computer or phone for spying through sending a virus or hacking programs.

Video shaming

● In video shaming, cyberbullying is the incident that causes another person to become upset or emotional.

● The video of punching kid's or slapping or hitting and it shared online. It is also a way of bullying made by the video using cell phones.

Other subtle methods

● The methods of subtweeting or vague booking can be used to bully and it can avoid spotting the person who posted it.

● Normally subtle methods are used to avoid detection of the rumour mill. Ex: Facebook posts and tweets.


Be aware of what your children are doing online. We must take care of our children while using digital devices. There is no specific statute for cyberbullying as a crime but some sections of Information Technology Act 2000, Under IT Act, section 66 talks about computer-related offences. The person held liable for a term of three years and fined up to Rs five lakhs or both, Section 66C talks about punishment. We must be aware of all social media apps and gaming. Eliminating cyberbullying will take a combined effort and won't be eliminated overnight.


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